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ISLE OF LONELY  © 2002, Wanda L. Harrell

No longer loved, I was cast adrift in the middle of my years
To float about aimlessly and wash ashore in this desolate place
A forgotten and deserted isle in midst of the Sea of Human Tears
Where I wander about without the warmth of a shared embrace
Castaway, my soundless footsteps now walk the sandy seaside
With wide eyes searching the bleak and empty horizon before me
While paying no attention to the rising and lowering of the tide
Around this solitary and obscure place, the deserted Isle of Lonely
Frantically waving to the nothingness and lighting signal fires
I busy myself with everything I can do to be rescued from here
But daily, the loneliness increases, as do my unmet desires
As I cry to selfish winds and an uncaring sky, blue and clear
From time to time, a boat for two drifts fairly close to my shore
But then, I clearly see a man and a woman upon the deck
And sadly sigh and know there is no room for one more
So, here I stay stranded all alone to impatiently wait and reflect
O', I await that day when, from the sea, my rescuer will arrive
But meanwhile offer my prayers on these sands upon bended knee
Continually wondering if sheer grit and determination will allow me to survive
And if anyone else cares, or can hear my cries and constant plea
Endless, empty nights are filled with sounds of the sea and my unheard sighs
And too many long and lonely days have now become lost years
But my injured, fragile hope is born anew with each bright sunrise
As I look to the horizon for my already beloved rescuer to appear
O’, castaway am I…on these sands for far too many years
While yearning for rescue by the one special one made for me
But until then I wait in the midst of the salty Sea of Human Tears
Merely existing on this solitary island, the deserted Isle of Lonely

MISSING YOU © 2002 Wanda L. Harrell 

Minutes become hours
And hours become a day
It's been that way since the world began
So, I've not revealed anything new
'Cause time has a way of going by
No matter what we say or do.

Minutes become hours
And hours become a day
Continually marking time and life
But strangely, when you are away
A single, solitary moment lasts forever
Time refuses to be measured in an ordinary way.


YOU'RE GONE © 2003 Wanda L. Harrell

You’re gone, but I can still hear your lover’s secrets in my ear,
Feel your essence and see vivid images, all of them crystal clear.
I can feel your gentle touch, delicately stroking my naked body
And the sensual blending of our desires, both nice and naughty.

You’re gone, but I still see a single candle glowing in the dark night,
And feel your warm and loving embraces, holding me tight.
My lips can feel your lips and your loving kisses, honey sweet,
And our two bodies igniting, creating passion’s feverous heat.

You’re gone, yet surrounding me are the memories you left behind.
But no matter where I look, my heart is what I can no longer find.
I have searched everywhere, but no longer know what to do,
‘Cause you left your memories, but took my heart away with you.