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TRUE DELIGHT © 2005 Wanda L. Harrell

True delight is looking out to see multihued wildflowers blossom in the spring,
And hearing small songbirds perched upon branches of trees as they sing.
True delight is watching myriad raindrops infuse rivers before winding to the sea,
And innumerable distant stars in the nighttime sky twinkle ever so brightly.

True delight is watching the dazzling sun gradually ascend to start another day,
And tiny seeds pierce moist, brown earth to grow into flowers, brightening the way.
True delight is hearing the crunching sound of autumn leaves beneath your feet,
And seeing a fragile orange butterfly’s ballet in midair over stalks of golden wheat.

True delight is rejoicing in a springtime day, boasting cloudless, brilliant skies of blue,
And watching as melting winter snow slowly reveals lush grass, green and new.
True delight is seeing a majestic eagle gracefully lift wings to fly high and soar free,
And a small seedling persist in its relentless stretch for the sky to become a tree.

True delight is scampering barefoot in sand, through a thick froth of the ocean’s waves,
And seeing a languid lake, wearing an erratic crown of white sailboats, on warm days.
True delight is enjoying those things that flourish over every earthly peak, valley and fold,
God’s gifts for everyone, the true delights of life that cannot be bought, bartered or sold.

AWAKENING  © 2002, Wanda L. Harrell

Her substance is softly enveloped in cool beams of moonlight
And her bosom, the mountains, are clad in a misty gray negligee.
While sleeping Earth's partial body is subdued by darkness of night,
Quietly resting, waiting for nocturnal shadows to pass away.

The Sun once again approaches her, this bright and eager one,
To resume his place at his precisely appointed time of duty,
Knowing it is the moment for night's darkness to be done
So human eyes can experience Earth's unrivaled beauty.

The Sun embraces Earth's drowsy body with experienced rays,
Gently nudging her with subdued first light without fail,
And then with bold and bright light in a splendid blaze,
He deftly removes Earth's mysterious, dark and vaporous veil,
Awakening her essence, that of her cool and sleeping clay,
So that Sun and Earth's unity give mankind yet another day.

OCEAN © 2002, Wanda L. Harrell

Powerful and awesome in my being
I am the Ocean
And with the winds above
My disposition can change
But I am forever constant in my solitary determination
To share the depths of my very soul with my beloved Shore.
Rushing in billowy waves from my deepest black depths
Or, with surf subdued, in tide pools or calm azure shallows
My tides continually, without fail,
Throughout each bright day and dark night
Reach to unite with my eternal companion, my beloved Shore.

From the very beginning
From the first blink of my existence
I have not rested in my determination or purpose
So, on seabreezes under sun or moon
I constantly surge toward my cherished Shore
Continually whispering my lover's secrets
And with solemn promises of neverending devotion
I give all that I am, sharing all my power
With my adored one, my beloved Shore.