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Wanda's Parents, Billie and Mary Lee HAMPTON Harrell, 1947

Wanda L. HARRELL, 1949

Wanda, circa 1949 (special thanks to my cousin, Patsy, for this photo)

Wanda, circa 1950

Wanda, circa 1951


Billie, Goldie and Georgia Harrell in Mitchell County, NC  Circa 1927 (Special thanks to my cousin, Patsy, for this photo)

William and Celia GARLAND Harrell and family. The child on the right (just above the Harrell name is Wanda's grandfather, William Wilder H. Harrell. Photo was taken circa 1900

Wanda's great grandfather: William M. Herrell

Wanda's great grandmother: Celia GARLAND Herrell

Wanda's grandfather: William Wilder H. Harrell

Wanda's great grandparents: Wilson Street and Florence Ann WISE Street, parents of Martha Jane STREET Harrell


Wanda's Maternal and Paternal Grandmothers: Ida Lee McINTURFF Hampton Miller and Martha Jane STREET Harrell, 1951

Billie Harrell (Wanda's dad), Martha STREET Harrell (Wanda's grandmother) and Mary Lee HAMPTON Harrell (Wanda's mom)   Photo taken about 1949 in Glen Rock, PA. (Special thanks to my cousin, Patsy, for this photo)


Colonel Robert LOVE (1760-July 1845), Patriot, Frontiersman, Statesman, Benefactor and Founder of Waynesville, NC  He enlisted in the Continental Army when he was 15 years of age. When he applied for a pension, many years later, there was some doubt as to whether a man so young could have attained the rank of Lt. Colonel. President Andrew Jackson, a longtime friend of Col. Love's, wrote a letter, dated 12 October 1939, to the pension board to support his friend's claim.

There is no known image of his wife, Mary Ann DILLARD Love (21 September1767-25 March1842). Their son, Dillard Love (1789-1872) associated with Delilah INGRAM (About 1800-After 1845). Their son, James Robert Ingram Love (May 1825-3 November 1902) married Martha C. BANNER (1849?-????) on 25 January 1876. No photos are available of these ancestors. They had two children, Dillard Franklin LOVE and Sarah Anne LOVE (photo below). Several of the photos below are all courtesy of George Warren Love (1948-2004) who found them in his grandmother's photo album, so appreciation is extended to heavens for Gertrude Stuart Love, a lovely lady who so dutifully kept the album for her descendants

Wanda's great grandmother: Great granddaughter of Col. Robert and Mary Ann DILLARD Love was Sarah Anne LOVE (1879-1936). On 20 July 1895, Sarah married Issac Grant HAMPTON

Wanda's great grandfather: Issac Grant Hampton(1869-1937) was the son of Daniel Hampton and Catherine MASTERS  

Wanda's grandfather: Grant and Sarah's son was Clyde Earnest Hampton (1906-1 April 1950). On 17 October 1926, Clyde married Ida Lee McINTURFF

Wanda's grandmother: Ida Lee MCINTURFF (1908-1982) was the daughter of William Sevier McInturff (17 December 1869-20 January 1937) and Sarah Ann HOYLE (1870?-1912?)

Wanda's great great grandfather: Prince William McInturff AKA Sheriff Bill, father of William Sevier McInturff

Wanda's great great grandparents:  William and Rhoda DYER McInturff,  parents of William Sevier McInturff

Wanda's great grandfather: William Sevier McInturff, father of Ida Lee McInturff, husband of Sarah Dorcas HOYLE

Wanda's great grandmother: Sarah Dorcas HOYLE McInturff (wife of William Sevier McInturff) and her daughters, Julia McINTURFF Watkins White and Ida Lee McINTURFF Hampton Miller (Wanda's grandmother), circa 1910

Wanda's grandmother: Ida Lee MCINTURFF Hampton with baby daughter, Mary Lee HAMPTON, circa 1929 

Wanda's great great grandfather: Hiram HOYLE, Sarah Dorcas HOYLE's father

Wanda's great grandmother: Elzira BLANKENSHIP Hoyle, Sarah Dorcas HOYLE McInturff's mother